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The Blood Vessels

Where the Body Does its Real Eating. When once the food has b...

Nicotine (tobacco)

Emetic; stimulate and keep warm; keep patient lying down. ...

Nature's Teaching

NATURE is not only our one guide in the matter of phy...

Of Whitlow

The lunar caustic is very useful in the treatment of this pai...

Removal Of Double Pointed Tacks

If the tack or staple be small, and lodged in a relatively l...


In all fevers, to cool down the excessive heat of the patient ...


Ordinarily we are not aware of the beating of the heart, enorm...

Edematous Tracheobronchitis

This is chiefly observed in children. The most frequently en...

Site Of Lodgement

Almost all foreign bodies are arrested in the cervical esoph...


Many valuable lives have been saved by an elementary knowledge...

Period Of Efflorescence Or Standing Out Of The Rash

During the first day or two of the period of efflorescence, w...

Most Diseases Cure Themselves

If you ask any honest medical doctor how they cure diseases, ...


WILLIAM LILLY, a famous English astrologer of yeoman ancestry...

Eyes Hazy Sight

Frequently, after inflammation, and even when that has ceased,...


Sources of Starch. The starches are valuable and wholesome fo...

Hip-joint Disease

Thorough heating, with moist heat is the best treatment for th...

Oxalic Acid

Neutralise by chalk or lime water, but not by soda or any alka...

Water On The Chest

Sometimes a large watery swelling appears in one part or anoth...

Treatment Of Endocarditis

As mild endocarditis rarely occurs primarily but is almost al...

Is Physical Culture Good For Girls?

A NUMBER of women were watching a game of basket-ball...


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Source: Disturbances Of The Heart

If the bowels are known to be in excellent condition and not loaded
with fecal matters, brisk catharsis is not needed simply because
endocarditis has developed. If the bowels have been neglected, a
small dose of calomel, aided by a compound aloin tablet, is
necessary and good treatment. Subsequent movements of the bowels
should be daily obtained by vegetable laxatives with occasional
enemas, as needed. With all inflammation of the heart and the
possibility of myocarditis developing or being actually present, it
is not advisable to use salines freely or often.

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