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This trouble appears in two opposite characters. In the one it...


If the patient is weak, the circulation depressed, the blood ...

Stomach Trouble

If you would cure thoroughly, you must first make sure that th...

Hooping Cough

According to my experience, though this disease may not be en...


TO most people self-control means the control of appe...

Complete Recovery Of The Seriously Ill

Its a virtual certainty that to fully recover, a seriously il...

Why Fuss So Much About What I Eat?

I KNOW a woman who insisted that it was impossible fo...

Changing Treatment

To wisely alter and arrange the treatment in any case is of th...

Diet For The Lean

To a large extent the preceding article will suggest what is s...

Eyes Healthy

Cheap, ill-printed literature is responsible for much eye trou...

Ancient Medical Prescriptions

From early times it was a universal custom to place at the ...

Foreign Bodies In The Bronchi For Prolonged Periods

The sojourn of an inorganic foreign body in the bronchus for ...

Inflammation Deep-seated

Often inflammation occurs in the centre of, or beneath, a mass...

A Rampaging Infection

At the age of 40, John, an old bohemian client of mine, came ...

Fever Typhoid

Treat as under Fever, Gastric, and Fever. In addition, great c...

Circulation Of The Blood

Nothing is more important for the health or healing of any org...

Our Feet

The Living Arches of the Foot. One of the most important thin...

Wounds Bleeding Of

After sending for a surgeon the first thing to be looked at in...


Use the A D current, medium force. Treat with P. P. over the ...

Vaccination Trouble

When a child is suffering after vaccination, we should have hi...

Length Of Pack

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Usually it is time for the patient to come out from his pack, when the
pulse becomes fuller and stronger, the face begins to flush and the head
to be affected. Frequently he sleeps till awakened by the increasing
heat. A drink of cold water will quiet him for a while, which may be
administered by means of a glass tube (julep-tube), in order not to
disarrange the pack by lifting him up. As long as the head is not
affected, there is no danger of his staying too long. The longer he can
stay, the surer the eruption will appear.

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