Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This disease depends upon derangement of the liver. The skin and whites

of the eyes become yellow; the patient grows weak, loses his appetite,

is dull and sluggish in all his actions, melancholly and discouraged in

his moods.


_Mercurius_ and _Podophyllin_ given in alternation, each twice a day,

will nearly always effect a cure. If the patient is costive, _Nux_

should be taken at night, until his bowels become regular.

Bathing the surface daily, or oftener, is a very important measure in

the treatment of this affection. As often as once in two or three days,

an alkaline bath should be taken. If the patient has fever every day, or

once in two days, ever so slight, _China_ should be used with

_Podophyllin_. If he has been drugged with Mercury in any form, in large

doses, even six months or a year before, give _Hydrastin_ in place of