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Category: Diseases of Women

Turning back or retro-displacements. This includes retro-
version and retro-flexion. Retro-version means turning back, in plain
terms. Retro-flexion means bending back, bending of the body of the womb,
or the neck, backward. Retro-flexion is more common than retro-version.

Causes. Some are congenital, that is, from birth, and a few are the
result of some injury, falls or blows. It is more often found in
child-bearing women, and this may be due to the fact that the womb has not
returned to its normal size and weight, and therefore there is more weight
for the ligaments to hold up. The ligaments often relax and do not support
the womb as thoroughly as before.

Symptoms. Backache, a sense of weight in the lower abdomen, difficult
menstruation, leucorrhea, sterility, or repeated abortion and
constipation. The constipation is often due to the womb lying on the

Treatment. This is to replace the womb and keep it in position. Supports
of various kinds are used to keep the womb in position after it has been
replaced, They must fit thoroughly and give no pain or any discomfort
whatever. They are called supports or pessaries. If they are fitted
properly they do much good. They should be removed often (every month) and
not allowed to grow fast or cause sores in the vagina. There are the ring
support and the stem variety and others. The stem variety can be taken out
and replaced by wearer at any time. They are made to buckle around the
abdomen. They are bungling but effective. The ring kind should be
introduced by a competent person who should see that it is of correct size
and shape, and worn with comfort. Sometimes these supports fail to cure
when adhesions and other diseases exist; it may be impossible to wear

Operations. One operation is to break up the adhesions, the body of the
womb brought forward and sewn (sutured) to the abdominal wall. Another
operation is to shorten the round ligaments in the inguinal (groin) canal.
These are the usual operations, and they are quite successful.


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