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Abdominal Massage. (Kneading, Rubbing, etc.)

Categories: Digestive Organs

This is an essential
feature in the treatment. It was practiced by Hippocrates hundreds of

years ago. Place the patient in the recumbent position upon a table which

can be so manipulated that the head may be raised or lowered, the body

rolled from side to side. Gentle but firm pressure is then made with the

palm of the hand and the ball of the thumb over the large intestine

beginning in the lower right groin region. Then go u
to the ribs on the

right side, then over the body to the same place on the left side and down

to the left lower side and center, accompanying the pressure by kneading

the parts thoroughly with the fingers. Repeat this several times for about

ten to twelve minutes. At first this should be practised every day; later

twice a week. Special treatment should be given the small intestines and

liver when the bile and intestinal secretion are lessened. In children

gentle rubbing of the abdomen with circular movements from right to left

with a little oil for ten minutes daily will help to increase the action

of the bowels and often bring on a normal movement.