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(Pediculus Pubis)

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

Lice on the hair of the pubis or about the genitals.
This is the smallest parasite of the three varieties, and it attaches

itself firmly to the hair with its head buried in the follicular openings,

and it is removed with great difficulty.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Lice. 1. Ointment of mercury, blue ointment.

This is to be used frequently. It is rather unclean and may create a

severe inflammation so be careful of it.

2. Solution of corrosive sublimate, from one to four grains to one ounce

of water. This is good and can be used once or twice a day; rub thoroughly

into the parts. It will cause redness and inflammation may follow if too

much is used. It is very effective. Kerosene with an equal quantity of

balsam of peru is a good remedy.