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1. PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Bronchitis. Sweating Remedy for

Categories: Respiratory Diseases

Take a hot
bath and then go to bed, and take hot drinks after. See that the bowels

are open. Nourishment is especially important in infants and old age. You

can sweat them as directed under la grippe. Drink hot drinks, such as

hoarhound, ginger, flaxseed, hot lemonade or slippery elm. These will

produce sweating and will give much relief. An onion poultice applied over

the breastbone where the pain and tightness are, will do

2. Steaming Remedy. Inhaling steam from plain boiling water is good, or

you can add one to two teaspoonfuls of compound tincture of benzoin or

turpentine. The steaming will be more effective if you make a tent, by

fastening four sticks to the cradle or bed and cover with a sheet,

introducing the steam underneath this at the foot of the bed, etc. A

rubber tube can be fastened to the kettle. In this same way you can

produce, if you wish, sweating by putting the end of the tube under the

clothes elevated a little above the patient. Be careful not to scald the


3. Steaming With Pitcher. If the soreness of the bronchial tubes is not

relieved by this means, inhalations of steam arising from boiling water

may be practiced, either through a cone, one end of which covers the top

of a pitcher, and the other end of which covers the mouth and nose of the

patient, or by covering the head and pitcher with a towel. The usefulness

of this method may be much increased by the addition of from two

teaspoonfuls to one tablespoonful of compound tincture of benzoin to each

pint of water in a pitcher. This latter method can also be used in

tonsilitis, pharyngitis and quinsy.

4. Rub the chest with a camphor liniment and give the following:

Tincture of Aconite 10 drops

Sweet Spirits of Nitre 2 drams

Distilled water to make 4 ounces

Mix--One-half teaspoonful to a child, or dessert spoonful to an adult in

water every hour.

5. For Adults. Compound licorice mixture one to two drams every three to

four hours; or five grains of Dover's powders every three to four hours.

Diet in Bronchitis (similar to Laryngitis) Drinks are useful in the

dryer forms, such as hot flaxseed tea sweetened and flavored with lemon

juice. It should be taken in large quantities. Hot milk and lemonade are

also useful.