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2. The Epithelial Cancer (Carcinoma)

Categories: Constitutional Diseases

These always spring from free
epithelium-clad surfaces, as the skin, and mucous membranes or from the

glands of the same. These growths appear with great frequency at the

points of junction of mucous membranes and skin surfaces, probably because

these parts are subjected to more frequent and varied forms of mechanical

and chemical irritation, Special seats: Skin surfaces, the nose, the lower

lip, the penis and scrotum, the vu
va, the anus (mucous surfaces), tongue,

palate, gums, tonsils, larynx, pharynx, gullet, bladder, womb.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. l. Cancer, Simple Remedy for. "Give a teaspoonful of

sarsaparilla tea four times daily, made with two ounces of sarsaparilla

root and quart of water boiled to one pint and apply to cancer growth a

poultice made of carrots scraped or mashed cranberries." These simple

remedies will relieve and often cure growths taken for cancers, but if it

is really a cancerous growth no medicine will help and a physician should

be consulted at once.

2. Cancer, Nettles and Laudanum Will Help. "Take the juice of common

nettles inwardly and mix a little laudanum with the juice and rub the

parts outwardly. Cancer has often yielded to this treatment." This remedy

will no doubt help an ugly looking ulcer, repeatedly taken for cancer, by

the patients themselves and frequently the doctor. It is always well to

give this simple home remedy a trial, at least, for it is frequently

admitted by the medical fraternity to-day that ugly ulcers are often

treated in this way as cancers, sometimes to the lasting detriment of the

sufferer. Then why not try some efficient home remedy like the above until

you are certain that it is a cancer?