Sources: Papers On Health

This is usually a bodily illness, though often regarded as

mental only. It appears in loss of interest in all that otherwise would

be most interesting. A mother loses interest in her children, a man in

his business, and so on. Students, and children overpressed at lessons,

are apt to suffer from it. It is simply the result of a drain of energy

from the system, until the brain has an insufficient supply. Those who

have the care of the young would do well to watch carefully against

this state coming on. If it appears, all work should be given up, and

as much play take its place as possible. No cramming of ideas into a

weakening mind can ever be equal to the possession of health and

energy, as a preparation for life.

Treatment should be such as to restore energy. The whole back should be

fomented with a large blanket fomentation, being rubbed with olive oil

before and after. Let this be done for an hour in the morning; in the

evening give the ARMCHAIR FOMENTATION (see). Carry this on for a

week, and then rest for another week, only rubbing the back with a

little hot olive oil each night. Cultivate open-air life; sleep as much

as possible--eight hours at least, or better nine. Carefully prepared

and easily digested food should be given, and change of company, scene,

and climate are most effective helps; but rest from work is the chief

matter. See Restlessness and Worry.