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Medical Articles

Plain Every-day Common Sense

PLAIN common sense! When we come to sift everything d...

Suppression Of The Menses Amenorrhoea

For sudden suppression from taking cold, as by wetting the ...


Take the B D current, medium force. If the paralysis be in a ...


The regular type of laryngoscope shown in Fig. I (A, B, C) i...


If the operator has no refractive error he will need two pai...

From The Hygienic Dictionary

Autointoxication. [1] the accumulations on the bowel wall be...


_Aconite_ and _Bell._ are two important remedies in this affe...

Perversions In The Guidance Of The Body

SO evident are the various, the numberless perversion...

Feeding Over

It is well to remember that over-feeding is a relative term. T...

Sudden Invasion Of The Nervous Centres

Of the different forms of scarlatina maligna the most dangero...

To Prevent Dysentery

In hot weather when bilious diseases prevail, use _Mercurius_...

Stomach Ulcers

Generally the tongue will tell whether the stomach is ulcerate...


They ware in their foreheads scrowles of parchment, wher...


This is often a trivial matter, but sometimes it is a symptom ...

Physical Care

REST, fresh air, exercise, and nourishment, enough of each in...

Enemas Cold Water

Prejudice often exists against cold treatment of any kind, but...


See Hives; "Outstrikes;" Saltrome, etc. ...


Clothes should be Loose and Comfortable. Man is the only anim...

Douche Cold

In its most powerful form this is a solid stream of water dire...

Sick Headache

See Headache. ...

Drinks Refreshing

Source: Papers On Health

This is a matter of great importance to the sick.
Nor is anything more important to be said on them than this, that the
foundation of all such drinks must be water. This water must be
pure, and is best distilled, or boiled and filtered. Long boiling
will spoil water, and half-an-hour is long enough to boil. To add to
this pure water, we may take the juice of half a lemon, sweetened to
taste. Few patients will fail to relish this. A whole orange may be
used instead of half a lemon. A substitute may be made by taking
half-a-teaspoonful of good white vinegar instead of the orange or
lemon. Also in many cases where the cold drink is not relished, it may
be taken warm.

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