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Medical Articles


VALENTINE GREATRAKES was born at Affane, County of Waterford,...

Length Of Bath

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a littl...

The Use Of Forceps In Endoscopic Foreign Body Extraction

Two different strengths of forceps are supplied, as will be s...

The Child As An Ideal

WHILE the path of progress in the gaining of repose c...

Eyes Healthy

Cheap, ill-printed literature is responsible for much eye trou...

Prostration Nervous

The various articles under Nerves and Nervousness should be re...

Mind Training

IT will be plainly seen that this training of the bod...

Pulsus Alternans

By this term is meant that condition of pulse in which, thoug...

Feeding Over

It is well to remember that over-feeding is a relative term. T...

Douche Cold

In its most powerful form this is a solid stream of water dire...


The present 100 per cent mortality in cancer of the esophagu...

Rules For Insertion Of The Catheter For Insufflation Anesthesia

1. The patient should be fully under the anesthetic by the ...

Diabetes A Kidney Disease

This disease occurs in two forms--diabetes insipidus and diab...

Wet Compress

The wet compress on the throat in torpid cases should not be ...


Skin eruptions, known under this name, have very various cause...


This symptom or affection, (if it can be classed as a disease...

Milk, Meat, And Other Protein Foods

Speaking of butter, how about milk? The dairy lobby is very p...

How Women Can Keep From Being Nervous

MANY people suffer unnecessarily from "nerves" just...

Chronic Back Pain

Barry was a carpenter who couldn't afford to lose work becaus...

Burns Case Xxxiv

Mr. C. aged 51, scalded his leg ten days ago on the instep. H...

Drinks Refreshing

Source: Papers On Health

This is a matter of great importance to the sick.
Nor is anything more important to be said on them than this, that the
foundation of all such drinks must be water. This water must be
pure, and is best distilled, or boiled and filtered. Long boiling
will spoil water, and half-an-hour is long enough to boil. To add to
this pure water, we may take the juice of half a lemon, sweetened to
taste. Few patients will fail to relish this. A whole orange may be
used instead of half a lemon. A substitute may be made by taking
half-a-teaspoonful of good white vinegar instead of the orange or
lemon. Also in many cases where the cold drink is not relished, it may
be taken warm.

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