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Medical Articles


Foreign bodies in the pleural cavity should be immediately re...

Foreign Bodies In The Bronchi For Prolonged Periods

The sojourn of an inorganic foreign body in the bronchus for ...


Some most distressing troubles come as the result of frights. ...

Spinal Congestion

In some cases of this trouble the symptoms are very alarming, ...


In hypertension, as long as the heart, which is probably hyp...


Smoking, a Senseless Habit. Smoking is the curious act of dra...


If pneumonia or gonorrhea is supposed to be the cause of the ...


No dyspneic patient should be given a general anesthetic; be...

Diseases Of The Esophagus

The more frequent causes of the one common symptom of esophag...

Necessity Of Allaying The Heat

The packs and baths should be continued, even when the patien...

Esophagoscopic Extraction Of Foreign Bodies

It is unwise to do an endoscopy in a foreign-body case for th...


Should be an indication that food in general or some certain k...


It is essential for the welfare of the patient, especially af...

Bruises Case Xx

It frequently occurs to surgeons to receive slight wounds upo...


As so many times repeated, real pain must be stopped, and mor...

Nourishment Heat In

Heat is absorbed in building up the bodily tissues, and given ...


Sometimes mere internal inflammation is mistaken for this dise...

Limbs Fractured

It is not always easy to say definitely whether a bone is brok...

Ice-water And Snow-bath In Malignant Cases

If no rash appear during the first pack, which will scarcely ...

Back Failures

Often a severe pain in the toe, foot, ankle, or lower leg has ...

Diet For The Lean

Source: Papers On Health

To a large extent the preceding article will
suggest what is suitable here, remembering, however, that regular
exercise will be also necessary in order to enable the muscles to
increase in size. Green vegetables and fruits should be largely used in
addition to the carbonaceous foods, as their FOOD SALTS (see) are
necessary to keep the blood in a condition to allow of proper
assimilation. In the case of nervous and consumptive patients, the more
digestible forms of fat, such as cream and butter, are to be
recommended. Some thin people do not seem able to assimilate much fat.
These cases will do better on a smaller quantity. Remember always that
it is not what is eaten, but what is assimilated, that goes to increase
the weight, therefore if any particular food is found, after a careful
trial, to constantly disagree, it must be accepted that for that one at
all events, it is not a suitable article of diet.

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