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Category: Diseases of Women

Too much bleeding at the monthly periods. If it occurs
between the monthly periods it is called Metrorrhagia, womb-bleeding at
any time, especially between the periods.

Causes. These may be constitutional or local, the latter being the most

Local Causes. These are inflammation of the womb, displacements of the
womb, malignant disease of the womb, fibroid tumors and disease of the

Symptoms. Sudden or gradual increase in the amount of blood lost at the
monthly periods. Then secondary anemia, weakness and run-down feeling.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. 1. Profuse Menstruation, an Easily Prepared Herb
Remedy for.

"Cranesbill Root 1 ounce
White Poplar Bark 2 ounces
Bistort Root 1 ounce
Golden Seal 1 ounce
Geranium 1/2 ounce
Cloves 1/2 ounce
Ginger 1/2 ounce
Ground Sugar 1/2 pound

Mix. This compound is excellent for complaints of weak females, such as
leucorrhea, bearing-down, or profuse menstruation, etc. Dose: One
teaspoonful of the powder, in a half cup of boiling water three times a
day. Drink the clear liquid only." Any woman suffering with, female
trouble will find the above combination very beneficial.

2. In young girls and women who are not married, thirty drops of the fluid
extract of Ergot three times a day. This medicine will cause the womb to
contract. Hot douches can be given to married women. If the bleeding is
severe it may be necessary to pack the vagina with sterile gauze. Ergotin
ten to twenty drops, may be needed, given hypodermically. If it is due to
constitutional causes, like anemia, a played-out feeling, paleness.
weakness, etc., a tonic treatment is needed.

3. Blaud's pills will do well. This is the formula:

Dried sulphate of iron 2 drams
Carbonate of potash 2 drams
Syrup enough to make a mass

Mix and make forty-eight pills. Take one to three, three times a day after

4. If the appetite is poor, bitter tonics such as gentian, quassia,
cinchona, or nux vomica are needed.

Compound Tincture Cinchona 2 ounces
Compound Tincture Gentian 2 ounces

Mix. Take one teaspoonful before meals, in a little water.

5. Tincture of nux vomica in doses of two to three drops after meals is a
good stomach and bowel tonic.

6. Golden seal root made into a tea is good in some cases, especially if
the tongue is much coated.

7. Oil of Erigeron or flea-bane is good for oozing bleeding. Dose: Three
to five drops in a capsule every four hours.

8. Oil of cinnamon in one dose of one-half dram is good where flea-bane
oil cannot be used or obtained; usual dose, one to five drops. An infusion
can be made of the cinnamon bark and drank freely.

9. Cranesbill (Geranium maculata). The fluid extract is splendid when
diluted three or four times with boiled water, used locally for bleeding
from the womb, or as an injection for the same; or an infusion can be made
of the plant and injected into the vagina. The local cause mentioned
should be treated. The displacement should be corrected.

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