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MOTHERS' REMEDIES FOR PILES. Sulphur and Glycerin for

Category: Digestive Organs

"Equal parts of
sulphur and pure glycerin. Grease parts." This preparation is very
healing, and will often give relief even in severe cases.

2. Piles, Strongly Recommended Remedy for.

Extract Belladonna 15 grains
Acetate lead 1/2 dram
Chloretone 1 dram
Gallic acid 15 grains
Sulphur 20 grains
Vaseline 1 ounce


In protruding, itching and blind piles, this ointment will give you almost
instant relief. If kept up several days it will promote a cure."

3. Piles, Good Salve for. "Red precipitate two and one-half drams, oxide
of zinc one dram, best cosmoline three ounces, white wax one ounce,
camphor gum one dram." It is much better to have this salve made by a
druggist, as it is difficult to mix at home. This it a splendid salve and
very good for inflammation.

4. Piles, Smartweed Salve for. "Boil together two ounces of fresh lard
and half an ounce smartweed root. Apply this to the piles three or four
times a day." This is very healing, and has been known to cure in many
cases when taken in the early stages.

5. Piles, the Cold Water Cure for. "Take about a half pint of cold water
and use as an injection every morning before trying to have a movement of
the bowels." This simple treatment has cured many cases where the stronger
medicines did not help.

6. Piles, Simple Application and Relief from. "Mix together one
tablespoonful plain vaselin and one dram flower of sulphur. Apply three
times daily and you will get relief."

7. Piles, Steaming with Chamomile Tea for. "A tea made of chamomile
blossoms and used as a sitz bath is excellent; after using the sitz bath
use vaselin or cold cream and press rectum back gently."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Piles. What to do first. The palliative
treatment of both varieties of external piles is the same. In all cases
the patient should lie flat on his back in bed and remain there for a few
days. Highly seasoned foods and stimulants, tea, coffee, whisky, wine,
etc., must be discarded. Secure a daily half liquid stool by the use of
small doses of salts, Hunyadi or Abilena water. Cleansing the parts with
weak castile soap water is essential to allay the pain, reduce the
inflammation and soothe the sphincter muscle; cold, or if it is more
agreeable, hot applications may be kept constantly on the parts. Hot
fomentations of hops, smartweed, wormwood, or poultice of flaxseed, or
slippery elm, or bread and milk give almost instant relief in many cases;
while in others soothing lotions, and ointments or suppositories are

The lead and laudanum wash is always reliable.

Lead and Laudanum Wash.

Solution of Subacetate of Lead 4 drams
Laudanum 20 drams
Distilled water enough to make 4 ounces

Mix thoroughly and apply constantly ice cold on cotton to the sore parts.

The following ointments, lotions, and suppositories to be used freely
within the bowels and to the piles, are effective in relieving the pain,
reducing inflammation and diminishing pain and spasm in the sphincter.

1. Ointment of Stramomium 1-1/2 drams
Ointment of Belladonna 2-1/2 drams
Ointment of Tannic Acid 1/2 ounce

Mix thoroughly and apply inside and outside the anus.

2. Camphor Gum 1 dram
Calomel 12 grains
Vaselin 1 ounce

This must be thoroughly mixed. Apply freely within the anus and to the
piles. Good for the pain.

3. For External Piles cleanse them well with a sponge dipped in cold
water, and then bathe them with distilled extract of witch hazel.

4. If there is much itching with the piles use the following salve:--

Menthol 20 grains
Calomel 30 grains
Vaselin 1 ounce

Mix and apply to the piles.

5. I use quite frequently the following for sore external piles:

Chloroform and Sweet oil in equal parts

Apply freely with cotton or on to the piles. Ten cents will buy enough to

Operation for Piles. When these measures do not relieve the pains or the
piles become inflamed from slight causes and often, it is best to operate.
This can be done in a few minutes with a local anesthetic and the patient
frequently goes to sleep afterward, almost free from pain. Inject a three
per cent solution of eucaine, or six per cent solution of cocaine.
Thoroughly cleanse the part and hold the buttocks apart, pierce the pile
at its base with a thin sharp-pointed curved knife, laying it open from
side to side. Remove the clot with a curette, cauterize the vessel and
pack the cavity with gauze to prevent bleeding and to secure drainage.

Cutaneous (skin) piles are operated upon as follows. Each one is grasped
in turn with a pair of strong forceps and snipped off with the scissors,
or removed with a knife. Close the wound with sutures, if necessary, and
dress it with gauze. Small ones need no sutures. Be careful not to remove
too much tissue. Much after-pain can be prevented by placing in the rectum
a suppository containing one-half grain of opium or cocaine before either
of the above operations are performed. The after treatment is quite
simple. Keep the patient quiet, cleanse the parts frequently, and secure a
soft daily stool. Cleanse with tepid boiled water with clean sterilized
gauze and give salts in small doses, one to two drams to produce a stool.

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