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Of Fungous Ulcer Of The Navel In Infants

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

It sometimes occurs that a little fungous sore exists upon the navel

in infants which is difficult of cure in the ordinary way. I had one

case which had subsisted for two years, and another, which had

continued for two months, and were, during those periods, a source of

great trouble and uneasiness to the mothers of the little patients.

These ulcers are easily cured in the following manner.

The fungus is to be completely removed by a pair of scissors, and when

the bleeding has quite ceased, the lunar caustic is to be applied,

and the part defended by the gold-beater's skin and kept carefully

from any moisture.

In one of the cases mentioned above the eschar was accidentally

separated twice and required to be renewed; but both cases were cured

in the space of a few days.