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No Cutting Short Of The Process Of Scarlatina The Morbid Poison Must Be Drawn To The Skin As Soon As Possible

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Scarlet-fever is a disease, which cannot be cut short. Any attempt to

stop the process of incubation, after the contagion has once been

received within the body, or to prevent its being thrown out upon the

surface, would destroy the patient's life: the morbid poison must be

concocted, and it _must come away by being drawn to the skin as soon as

possible_, to prevent its settling in the vital parts, and injuring

them. T
e safest way of assisting nature in her efforts of eliminating

the poison, is to open the way, which she points out herself. We know

that the sooner and the more completely the eruption makes its

appearance, the brighter and the more constant the rash, the less there

is danger for the patient, and _vice versa_. Well, there is not a better

remedy than the wet-sheet pack, to serve the purpose of nature, i. e.,

to remove the morbid poison from the inner organs, and draw it to the

surface; whilst at the same time it allays the symptoms, improves the

condition of the skin for the development of the rash, and relieves the

patient, without depriving him of any part of that organic power so

indispensable for a cure, and without which the best physician in the

world becomes a mere blank. Under the process of wet-sheet packing, the

heat invariably abates, the pulse becomes slower and softer, the

violence of the symptoms is alleviated, the skin becomes moist, the

restlessness and anxiety of the patient give way to a more quiet and

comfortable condition; he perspires and falls in a refreshing sleep. Is

there any other remedy, that has the same general and beneficial effect?

I know of none.