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Nephritis Inflammation Of Kidneys

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

1. Acute. If the urinary secretion be reddish and scant, with or

without sedimentary deposit, let the inflammation be regarded as

acute; and use upon it the B D current of good medium strength, or a

little more, if the patient can bear it. The pain from the current will

probably subside somewhat, and perhaps altogether, under treatment.

Place N. P. at the coccyx, and manipulate over the inflamed and sore

parts with P.
. Treat five to eight minutes, twice a day, if the case

be recent, or once a day, if it be of some weeks standing.

2. Chronic. If it be an old case, and attended with a brownish or a

brickdust-like sediment in the urine, it may be considered chronic,

and should be treated with a moderate A D current, once in two days.

Place P. P. at the coccyx, and treat with N. P. over the affected

kidneys. There may be no sense of soreness or swelling, but dull pain.

Treat six to ten minutes. But if the inflammation should rise to an

active or acute state, reverse the poles.