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Nose Bleed - Epistaxis

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

If it arises from fullness of the vessels of the head, with throbbing of

the temples, redness of the face and eyes, _Belladonna_ is the remedy.

If fever is present, _Aconite_ must be alternated with _Bell._

In females or children who have habitual nose-bleed, _Pulsatilla_ and

_Podophyllin_ are to be used alternately, night and morning. During the

paroxysm of bleeding, _Arnica_ should be used, one dose repeated in a

half hour if it continues.

If it is produced by over-exertion, _Rhus_ is the proper remedy. If it

occurs in the _early stage_ of fever, _Aconite_ and _Bell._; in the

latter stage, _Rhus_ and _Phos._ are to be used. _Hamamelis_ will

frequently arrest nose-bleed _immediately_ after one or two doses.