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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

_Aconite_ and _Bell._ are two important remedies in this affection. If

given low, and applied directly along the course of the affected nerves,

at full strength of the tincture, they will almost always effect a

cure. The proper way to use them is to give them internally at the

second dilution, at intervals of fifteen to thirty minutes, when the

pain is severe and nearly constant, and apply _Aconite tincture_ as hot

racticable over the course of the nerve, by means of wet cloths, for

an hour or two hours, and if the pain has not subsided use _Bell._

locally in the same manner.

If the Neuralgia is periodical, coming on at regular intervals,

_Arsenicum_ and _China_ are the remedies, and they should be used

externally as directed for the others, both at the first dilution, and

given internally at intervals, in proportion to the violence of the

symptoms, the _Arsen._ at the 3d and the _China_ at the first dilution.

If the patient has used alcoholic drinks to excess, _Nux_ is to be used

in place of Arsenicum.

_Periodical Neuralgia_ generally requires the same treatment as ague. In

females when there is uterine disease, _Pulsatilla_ and _Macrotin_ are

the remedies to be used, as directed above.