Sources: Papers On Health

Skin eruptions, known under this name, have very various

causes. Treatment must vary accordingly.

Where the cause is a failure of the skin to act properly, the whole

skin of the body, especially the chest and back, will be dry and hard.

In this case apply SOAPY BLANKETS (see).

If the soapy blanket be too severe on the patient, then apply general

lathering with M'Clinton's Soap. Use a badger's-hair shaving brush, and

have the lather like whipped cream with no free water along with it.

We have known a few of these applications cure a case of long standing.

Where general debility is present, along with the disease, use all

means to increase the patient's vitality. Simple diet is best (see

Diet, Saltcoats' Biscuits, Barley, Assimilation, Digestion), and

abundance of fresh air, within and without the house, by night and by


Where the disease results from a parasite, some ointment should be

used, and is best applied under the immediate direction of a specialist

in Diseases of the Skin.