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What Keeps Us Alive

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Soaping The Head

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Spring Trouble

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Painful Menstruation

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Eyes Accidents To

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About Voices

I KNEW an old German--a wonderful teacher of the spea...


Source: Papers On Health

Where this is advised medically, it is often taken in a
manner far from wise. For weakly people seeking strength, exercise
should never be pursued to the extent of fatigue. Up to a certain point
it does good; beyond that, harm. The beginning of harm is indicated by
the feeling of weariness. At the same time it must be remembered that
what is felt as weariness may be merely laziness. This must be
energetically combated. There is no royal road to health any more than
to learning.

In some cases this disinclination for exercise may arise from too much
or too rich food, and a more sparing diet may remove it. See
Appendix; Physical Culture.

When even walking is out of the question, a kind of exercise may be
given by gently massaging the limbs while the patient is in bed. The
back muscles should also be gently rubbed and kneaded, so as to cause
them to move under the skin, without effort on the patient's part. But
no fatigue must be caused. The amount may be gradually increased as the
patient can stand it. See Brain Exercise; Massage.

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