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Medical Articles

From The Hygienic Dictionary

Autointoxication. [1] the accumulations on the bowel wall be...

Consumption Treatment Of

Turning now to the case when consumption has actually shown it...

Wounds Syringing

Very great good can often be done by a little careful syringin...

Punctures Case Xiii

Am old man applied leeches to the instep for inflammation occ...

Accidents And Emergencies

Ordinarily, Accidents are not Serious. Accidents will happe...

Stomach Trouble

If you would cure thoroughly, you must first make sure that th...


Acute esophagitis calls for rest in bed, sterile liquid food...

Hip-joint Disease

Thorough heating, with moist heat is the best treatment for th...

Diet And Baths In Heart Disease

The diet in cardiac diseases has already incidentally been ...

Punctures Case Vii

Mr. Parr, aged 30, of delicate habit, trod upon a needle whic...

The Relation Of The Principal Bloodvessels Of The Thorax And Abdomen To The Osseous Skeleton Etc

The arterial system of vessels assumes, in all cases, somewha...

Cold Taking

Where cold is easily "taken," it is the skin which is defectiv...


Where Sugar is Obtained. The other great member of the starch...

Eyes Paralysis Of

The partial paralysis of the muscles of one eye produces doubl...


Often caused by children sucking matches. There is a burning i...


This, in various forms, as brandy, whiskey, rum, wine, cordial...

Skin Care Of

Among the vast majority of people air and water far too seldom...

Wounds Soothing

During the process of healing, wounds often give a great deal ...

Troubles Of The Nervous System

The Nervous System is not easily Damaged. The nervous system ...

The Triviality Of Trivialities

LIFE is clearer, happier, and easier for us as things assume ...

Fever Influenza

Source: Papers On Health

This is a slow, smouldering kind of fever. For
treatment, pack the feet and legs in hot fomentation over the knees,
and apply cold cloths over the stomach and heart, taking care in
applying the cold if the patient is weak. In such a case only
moderately cool cloths should be used. Carry out these two processes
effectively, and a cure should soon result. Give light food--milk and
water, and milk diet generally. Give small quantities frequently rather
than a good deal at once.

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