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Medical Articles

Food Combining And "healthfood Junkfood"

This brings us to a topic I call healthfood junkfood. Many pe...

The Prognosis

under a well conducted course of hydriatic treatment is, in g...

To Mothers

MOST mothers know that it is better for the baby to p...


The medicine for this affection is _Nux vom._, to be taken at...

Papillomata Of The Larynx In Children

Of all benign growths in the larynx papilloma is the most fre...


The part of the heart most affected is the part which has the...

Potato The

The proper cooking of this root is so important for health, ow...

Angina Pectoris Symptoms

The pain of true angina pectoris generally starts in the regi...


Arterial hypertension may be divided into stages. In the fi...


Direct laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy and gastrosc...


Fixation of the crico-arytenoid joints with an approximation...

The Surgical Dissection Of The Male Bladder And Urethra Lateral And Bilateral Lithotomy Compared

Having examined the surgical relations of the bladder and adj...

Chest Pains

See Angina Pectoris. ...


When the nervous system is in a certain state, all impressions...

Cold Settled

A cold is often easily overcome. At other times it "sits down,...


Chronic postdiphtheritic stenosis may be of the panic, spasm...


It is difficult to determine the cause of toothache, and more...

One's Self

TO be truly at peace with one's self means rest indeed. Th...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Inflammation Of The Lungs - Pneumonia

This disease is often connected with Pleurisy, and consists o...

Fever Influenza

Source: Papers On Health

This is a slow, smouldering kind of fever. For
treatment, pack the feet and legs in hot fomentation over the knees,
and apply cold cloths over the stomach and heart, taking care in
applying the cold if the patient is weak. In such a case only
moderately cool cloths should be used. Carry out these two processes
effectively, and a cure should soon result. Give light food--milk and
water, and milk diet generally. Give small quantities frequently rather
than a good deal at once.

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