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Medical Articles

Earache - Otalgia

This may arise from various causes, but a common one is sudde...

Imaginary Vacations

ONCE a young woman who had very hard work to do day a...

After Pains

See Child-bearing. ...

Site Of Lodgment

The majority of foreign bodies in the air passages occur in ...

Sentiment _versus_ Sentimentality

FREEDOM from sentimentality opens the way for true sentiment....


The points to be gained are, to reduce the action of the amat...


If the disease be general in the system, moving from place to...

Nursing Over

Few vital processes are more remarkable than that by which foo...


This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from chi...

Eyes Accidents To

Three distinct classes of these are to be considered. They req...

Circulation Of The Blood

Nothing is more important for the health or healing of any org...

Treatment Of Scarlatina Anginosa Or Sore-throat Scarlet-fever

In _scarlatina anginosa_, or _sore-throat scarlet-fever_, whi...


Intermittent Fever, Ague or Chill Fever. This comes on wit...


Skin eruptions, known under this name, have very various cause...

Positive And Negative Manifestations

Acute diseases are to be regarded as electrically positive, a...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...


If the foreign body be not removed, the resulting chronic se...


Chronic postdiphtheritic stenosis may be of the panic, spasm...

Growth Of Body

See Limb, Saving a. ...

Measuring Rule

It is customary to locate esophageal lesions by denoting the...

Fever Influenza

Source: Papers On Health

This is a slow, smouldering kind of fever. For
treatment, pack the feet and legs in hot fomentation over the knees,
and apply cold cloths over the stomach and heart, taking care in
applying the cold if the patient is weak. In such a case only
moderately cool cloths should be used. Carry out these two processes
effectively, and a cure should soon result. Give light food--milk and
water, and milk diet generally. Give small quantities frequently rather
than a good deal at once.

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