Feet Giving Way

Sources: Papers On Health

Where there is a great deal of standing to be done by

any one, the feet sometimes yield more or less at the arch of the

instep. This becomes flattened, and even great pain ensues; lameness

sometimes follows. Young girls who have to stand much are especially

liable to suffer in this way. In the first place rest must be had.

Wise masters will provide due rest for their employees, foolish ones

overwork them. Rest is not against, but in favour of work; work cannot

be well done without due rest. The proper rest for feet such as we

speak of will be the most easy and comfortable position. Comfort is

the test of the right treatment. Bathe the feet in hot water for a good

while, using plenty of soap. Rub gently with hot olive oil, pressing

any displaced bones into, or near, their place. Carefully avoid giving

pain. Massage similarly with oil the whole limb, and also the back

(see Massage). Do this every day at least once. You may have months

to wait, but a sound limb is worth a good deal of patience. When

standing is absolutely necessary, strips of strong sticking plaster

passed down from above the ankle bones, and round under the instep,

help greatly.

Boots are better than shoes, and should be comfortably easy, with low