Fever Scarlet Or Scarlatina

Sources: Papers On Health

As a first precaution, when an epidemic

of this exists, children should be sponged twice a week all over with

hot vinegar before being put to bed. This is a powerful preventive. If

anything like sore throat appears, bathe the child's feet in hot water

until a free perspiration is produced. Dry well, under a blanket, and

rub all over with hot vinegar, then put the patient to bed. If in the

morning there is no evident fever, repeat the sponging with hot

vinegar, dry well, rub with hot olive oil, and dry again. If the fever

definitely develops, place the child in a light airy room, from which

all unnecessary carpets, curtains and furniture have been removed. No

one should enter this room except those on duty in nursing, nor should

any from the house ride in public conveyances or attend meetings. These

precautions are just as necessary in slight as in severe cases, as

infection from a mild case may cause a fatally severe attack in another


Where the rash of the fever seems reluctant to appear, the SOAPY

BLANKET (see) will bring it out very speedily. But the above simple

treatment is usually sufficient. When vomiting is almost the first

symptom, six teaspoonfuls of hot water are to be taken every ten

minutes for an hour; then treat as above with foot-bath, hot vinegar,

and oil.

In a severe case have medical aid if at all possible. Where there is

great fever spread a large dry towel or sheet on the bed. Lay one wrung

out of lukewarm water on it; let the patient lie down on this.

Carefully wrap him up in the damp cloth, then over that wrap the dry

one, with a blanket outside over all, and the bedclothes above. This

will certainly soothe for a time. It may be repeated every two hours,

for twenty minutes or half-an-hour at a time, night and day, till the

fever is subdued.

For nourishment in succeeding weakness, give milk and boiling water,

mixed in equal parts, every two hours. If stimulants are required, give

CAYENNE "TEA" (see), reduced in strength until it just slightly

burns the mouth, half a teacupful every half-hour. Cool the head also

if necessary, as directed for typhoid fever.