Heat And Weakness

Sources: Papers On Health

We have over and over again shown in these papers

how heat passes into vital action, and gives strength to failing organs

and nerves. But the heat supplied to these organs must be at a certain

temperature. All experience goes to show that gentle heating will do

all that is required. Moreover, too hot a fomentation, especially if a

large one, will weaken the patient, and defeat its own ends. In such a

case it is folly to throw up the treatment, and say that heat weakens,

when all that is needed is to apply heat at a lower temperature. The

right degree of warmth is indicated by the comfort of the patient. It

will vary in almost every individual case, and must be found by careful

trial. Also it may vary from hour to hour. The heat comfortable during

the day may be found insufficient or too great by night, and so on. We

must in these matters apply our common sense, and make a real effort of

thought, if we wish to be successful.