Health And Money

Sources: Papers On Health

It will be noticed that the remedies we recommend

are in almost every case very cheap--even, like hot water, costing

nothing, as they are in every house. This very simplicity and

commonness has turned many against our treatment. We know, indeed, of

one curious case where olive oil was derided and despised by a

rheumatic patient, until his friends got it labelled "Poison, for

external use only." It was then eagerly applied, and effected a cure.

We warn our readers very seriously against this folly. It is traded in

by some who sell the simplest things as secret cures at exorbitant

prices, and impoverish still further those who are poor enough already.

The price of a drug or appliance is no indication of its value as a

cure. Neither is its lack of price. Nor is the price of any particular

food or drink an indication of its value. Good and nutritious foods are

generally cheap and easily procured. See Diet, Economy in. Our effort

has been to find out cures within the reach of every household; and we

have found that, as God has put water and air freely within man's

reach, so has He put those things which best cure disease within the

reach of the poorest. Let us not then despise such things because they

are common.