Head Soaping

Sources: Papers On Health

Have a piece of M'Clinton's soap, a good shaving brush,

and a bowl of warm water. Rub the wet brush on the soap, and work the

lather up in the hollow of the left hand, taking more soap and water in

the brush as necessary, until the left hand is full of creamy, thick

lather. Lay this on all over the patient's head. Make another handful,

and lay that on also. The lather may be wrought into the mass of hair

until it reaches the skin, the brush being dipped in the warm water,

and used to work the lather well into the skin of the head. This must

be continued until the whole head is thickly covered with fine white

lather, like a wig in appearance. You need have no difficulty with ever

so much hair. You only comb that nicely back at first, and place the

soap lather on the fore part of the head. Then you bring the hair

forward, and soap the back part. You may work on at this process for

half-an-hour. You will by that time have produced a most delightful

feeling in both body and mind of your patient. Tie a soft handkerchief

over all, and leave for as long as needed--even all night if required.

When removing the lather, use a sponge and warm vinegar or weak acid

(see Acetic Acid), and dry gently with a soft towel. This application

can be used with good effect in all cases of hard, dry skin on the

head, and formation of white scurf. It preserves the hair, and

stimulates its growth. It also removes the painful sensitiveness to

touch so often felt in the hair and head skin. Care must ever be taken

to do it all with a gentle hand. So done it is priceless in its

soothing and healing effects on irritable nerves.