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Medical Articles

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Heel Sprained

Source: Papers On Health

Often in sprains all attention is given to the bruised
and torn muscles, while similarly bruised and torn nerves are
overlooked; yet upon the nerves the perfect healing of the muscles
depends. Hence, in a sprain of the heel we must be careful not to
direct attention to the heel exclusively. That may be bathed (see
Bathing Feet) and duly rubbed with oil. A good plan is to apply cloths
dipped in cold water and vinegar. Keep the limb perfectly still, and do
not attempt to use it for at least a fortnight. After this it may be
cured to all appearance, yet a weakness may be left which prevents
anything like the full and free use of the limb. It may be all right
when resting, but suffers when used for any length of time: this
indicates pretty plainly that rest is needed, and is an essential
thing for cure. But besides this rest, the foot should be packed during
the night in soap lather (see Lather and Soap). Wash the foot in
vinegar or weak acetic acid, rub the whole limb from the ankle
upwards in such a way as to draw the blood up from the foot, avoiding
all down-strokes. Use a little olive oil in this rubbing. Note that the
whole limb needs treatment. The juice of Lady Wrack, such as is to be
found on the west coast of Scotland, is an excellent remedy for
sprained joints; but we only mention it, as it must be inaccessible to
many of our readers.

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