Air Bath

Sources: Papers On Health

This may with advantage to the health of the skin and body

in general, be indulged in every morning during some of the toilet

operations, such as shaving, or preferably, dumbell exercise or Swedish

gymnastics. If exercises are done in a nude condition the utmost

freedom for the muscles is obtained. In a short time a notable change

will be observed in the skin, which will lose its pasty appearance, and

become soft flesh and of a healthy colour. If possible have the bedroom

with windows facing the morning sun, so that the sunlight can also

shine in. There are many sanitaria on the Continent and in America

where this form of "bathing" is practised. Indeed, one of the great

benefits of sea-bathing (overlooked in this country) is the exposure of

the skin to air and light. Consequently if the weather and social

custom permits, as much time as possible should be spent after

immersion, lounging on the sand. A child's natural instinct leads it to

play about after its bath in the sea instead of coming at once to be


A young infant will enjoy lying on a rug on the floor without any

clothing and with the window open. Older children will benefit by

running about the garden in summer time in bare feet, and with only one

garment, say a cotton frock.

It is a great mistake to clothe children too warmly, indeed, the same

may be said of adults. Garments should always be loose and porous, so

as to allow of the beneficial action of the air on the skin. One of the

objections to corsets is that they do not fulfil these conditions

(see Tight Lacing, Skin, Care of.)