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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This is a contagious disease, consisting in an inflammation of the

Parotid gland. There is, at first, a sense of stiffness and soreness on

moving the jaw, soon after the gland begins to swell, and continues to

be sore and painful, with more or less headache, and general fever for

from six to eight days. It is not ordinarily a dangerous disease, unless

translated to some other part. It may remove from the original seat to

the brain, the testicles, or in females to the breasts.


_Mercurius_ should be given three times a day during the attack. If the

brain becomes affected, use _Bell._ and _Apis mel._ in alternation.

Should it recede to the testicles, or to the female breasts, _Apis mel._

is _the_ remedy. _Mercurius_ may be used in connection with the _Apis_

as soon as the violent symptoms have subsided, in order to prevent

permanent glandular swellings.