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Natural Polarization Of Man's Physical Organism

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

The electro-vital fluid, in the animal economy, is subject to the same

principles of polarization as the magnetic current from the artificial

machine, or the magnetism of the bar-magnet. In the material organism of

man, the great nerve-centers--the brain, the spinal cord, and the

ganglions--appear to act the part of fixed magnets, charged with the

electro-vital fluid. Indeed, there is much reason to believe that this

uid is elaborated within these nerve-centers--more especially within

the brain--from the inorganic electricity of the outer world, which is

supplied through the lungs in respiration, and conducted thence to these

laboratories by a remarkably interesting process--a process which I have

not room here to describe, but which I have drawn out in detail in a

manuscript lecture on the circulation of the blood, for my classes, and

which may some day see the light. These nerve-centers, viewed as magnets

of electro-vitality, require to be regarded as having each a positive

nucleus in the interior, on which are ranged the negative ends of the

currents which go out from this positive nucleus in every direction to

the surface of the medullary organ--so radiating, as it were, from

center to periphery. And the nerve-lines and ramifications which issue

from these great nerve-centers are polarized evidently in the same

way--the electro-vital fluid being disposed with its negative ends to

the positive surfaces of the nerve-centers, and its positive or plus

ends to the "vital organs," and especially to the surfaces of the

organism as a whole. There are many other polarizations in the human

system, subordinate to those mentioned above; but I have no room to

speak of them in detail.