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Medical Articles


Some have a predisposition to this most painful disease, and r...


This frequent and distressing trouble is to be traced to a sta...


To understand the physiology, pathology and the best treatmen...

The Surgical Dissection Of The Principal Bloodvessels And Nerves Of The Iliac And Femoral Regions

Through the groin, as through the axilla, the principal blood...

Foreign Bodies In The Air And Food Passages

The air and food passages may be invaded by any foreign subst...


Often caused by children sucking matches. There is a burning i...

Animal Magnetism

Although curative attributes were ascribed to the magnet in...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...

Skin Care Of

Among the vast majority of people air and water far too seldom...

The Esophagus

A few of the anatomical details must be kept especially in mi...


In spite of the fact that a large number of men today do not ...

Ventilation All-important

If the circulation of air is necessary in any other form of ...


In all fevers, to cool down the excessive heat of the patient ...


Sometimes mere internal inflammation is mistaken for this dise...

Throat Sore (clergyman's)

Those who are in the habit of using their voice much should be...

Technic For General Anesthesia

For esophagoscopy and gastroscopy, if general anesthesia is ...

Treatment Of Scarlatina Anginosa Or Sore-throat Scarlet-fever

In _scarlatina anginosa_, or _sore-throat scarlet-fever_, whi...

Symptomatology And Diagnosis Of Foreign Bodies In The Air And Food Passages

Initial symptoms are choking, gagging, coughing, and wheezing...


Anything which tends to increase the acidity of the tissues a...

Electrical Classification Of Diseases

There are two, and only two, primary classes of disease--thos...

Chapped Hands

Source: Papers On Health

Our idea is that this is caused by the soda in the soap
used. At any rate, we have never known any one to suffer from chapped
hands who used M'Clinton's soap only.

It is made from the ash of plants, which gives it a mildness not
approached by even the most expensive soaps obtainable.

If the hands have become chapped, fill a pair of old loose kid gloves
with well wrought Lather (see), putting these on just when getting
into bed, and wearing till morning. Doing this for two or three nights
will cure chapped, or even the more painful "hacked" hands, where the
outer skin has got hard and cracked down to the tender inner layer.

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