Giddiness And Trembling

Sources: Papers On Health

This comes very often as the result of loss

of nerve power in the spinal system, due to weakness, shock, or simply

old age. A great deal may be done to relieve, and in many cases to

completely cure, by the following simple means. Wrap the patient round

the middle in a soapy blanket, rubbing well afterwards with hot olive

oil. Give an hour's fomentation at a time each night for a few nights;

rest for a day or two, and repeat. The fomentation must be a blanket

one, but should only extend from the armpits to the hips, not over the

limbs. For treatment of giddiness arising from the stomach see

Indigestion. Half a teacupful of hot water every ten minutes for five

hours is usually an effective cure. This should be done daily for three

days. Let it be kept in mind that we must not have "hard" water--that

is, water impregnated with mineral substances, such as lime or iron. We

must have "soft" water, that is, such as rain water nicely filtered, or

"distilled" water, which can be had from any good chemist for twopence

a quart.