Purple Spots On Skin

Sources: Papers On Health

These arise first as small swellings. The

swellings fall, and leave purple patches behind, which, if the trouble

continues, become so numerous as to spoil the appearance of the skin.

This especially occurs in children or young people, whose skin is

exceptionally delicate. What has occurred is really much the same as

the result of a blow or pinch, leaving the skin "black and blue." Some

of the delicate vessels in the skin have given way, and dark blood

collects on the spot.

The treatment is to sponge all over the body and limbs with warm

CAYENNE "TEA" (see), only strong enough to cause a slight smarting.

It should never cause pain. If it does so, the tea is too strong, and

should be diluted with warm water. The soapy LATHER (see) may also be

used, and olive oil may with advantage be rubbed on as well. Milk and

boiling water should be given to the patient every two hours during the

day, with a few drops of the cayenne "tea" in it. This is a true

stimulant, and worth all the whiskey in the world. The object of the

treatment is to nurse the patient's strength, and stimulate the skin.

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