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Source: Papers On Health

The disease known by this name in Canada breaks out in the
hands, especially on the palms. The skin cracks open and refuses to
heal up. Sometimes, if the hands do heal, the trouble comes out on
other parts. It is probably due to the long-continued use of bad and
strongly irritating soap in washing the hands and face, conjoined, in
Canada, with the great dryness of the air.

The treatment for prevention is the regular use of M'Clinton's soap
(see Soap). Where the trouble has developed, the hands and face, if
involved, should be packed in cloths soaked in buttermilk. Then over
the packing we should foment with large hot flannel cloths (see
Fomentation). Renew, if necessary, the buttermilk packing, and after a
thorough fomenting, leave the buttermilk cloths on all night, with dry
ones on top. Then gently anoint with OLIVE OIL (see). This treatment,
with some rest and the use of the above-mentioned soap, should soon
effect a cure.

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