Seamill Sanatorium And Hydropathic

Sources: Papers On Health

Very soon after the appearance of

these "Papers on Health," the need was felt for some establishment

where the treatment expounded here could be given by trained attendants

under Dr. Kirk's personal supervision. The site was fixed on the

Ayrshire coast, in the parish of West Kilbride. This region was chosen

because special advantages of soil, climate, and scenery recommended

it. The soil along the shore is almost pure sand, and dries rapidly

after rain. The climate is extremely mild, high hills sheltering the

whole region from north and east winds, and the Arran mountains,

intervening some sixteen miles over the sea to the west, collect much

of the rain. Hence, although near some very rainy districts, the

Seamill neighbourhood is peculiarly sunny and dry. In winter the sun

reflected from the water, and beating on the face of the hills, makes

the shore climate most genial, and when other places only a few miles

away are encased in ice, flowers will be blooming in the gardens at

Seamill. In the very best part of this district a villa was secured in

1880 by some gentlemen interested in the treatment, with grounds

abutting on the sand of the seashore.

Here treatment was carried on with great success, until it became

evident that larger premises were needed. In 1882 Mr. James Newbigging

was secured by Dr. Kirk as manager and head-bathman, and worked under

Dr. Kirk until the latter's death in 1886.

Mr. Newbigging then bought the establishment. Since that time, it has

constantly increased in size and efficiency until it now accommodates

close on a hundred patients.

Very many have come to Seamill almost or quite hopeless, and have left

it with health restored and vigour renewed.

It ought to be mentioned here that in all his dealings with this

establishment Dr. Kirk never had any pecuniary interest in it, always

giving his services free. Nor has the writer, or any of Dr. Kirk's

family, any pecuniary connection with the place. All information as to

the establishment may be had by writing to the Proprietor or Manager,

Seamill Sanatorium, West Kilbride, Scotland.