Pain Severe In Limbs

Sources: Papers On Health

This is often not due to any trouble in the

joint itself, but to some disorder in the large nerves which have their

roots in the lower part of the back. In the case of severe pains in the

back of the leg, ankle, or knee, when a chill to the large limb nerves

has been the cause, and has raised inflammation, the patient should be

put warm in bed. Take two large towels, thoroughly wrung out of cold

water. Fold one six or eight ply thick. Gently press this, avoiding

cold shock to the patient, over the lower part of the back. When this

towel gets hot, spread it out to cool, and apply the other. Continue

this with each towel alternately, and when finished, or after an hour,

rub the skin with warm olive oil and cover up with new flannel. Similar

cold applications to the upper part of the spine will cure such pains

in the wrists. If the cold application intensifies or fails to relieve

the pain, it is well to try the ARMCHAIR FOMENTATION (see).

Sometimes light pressure in the form of squeezing the muscles of the

lower back is very useful. A very gentle pressure on the right parts is

most pleasant to the sufferer. At first it simply relieves in some

degree the weary feeling of the limbs. When it is at all well done, it

soon raises a gentle heat, which slowly passes down the limbs, even to

the very toes. This is just life itself communicated to the limb. But

we must not confine our treatment to the spinal cord. The squeezing, or

gentle pressure, must be carried down the limb; and when new life has

been infused so far, it will be well to apply the pressure between the

hands to the swollen and painful part. See Massage.