Sources: Papers On Health

This serious trouble in slighter forms affects one side of

the face, or even one eye only. More serious attacks involve the arm,

and even an entire half of the body. It may come suddenly, or may creep

slowly over the frame. In very old persons the case is usually

hopeless, as life itself is fading. In earlier life, and in less

serious cases, a cure is to be expected from proper treatment. Cupping,

blistering, or opiates must be avoided, as all tending to reduce vital

energy. Treatment must aim at increasing this, not reducing it. Take

first the case of paralysis slightly affecting the face. When the

patient is warm in bed, place a BRAN POULTICE (see) not too hot, on

the back of the head and neck. Let the patient lie on it, first rubbing

the neck and back of head with olive oil. Do this for an hour each day.

At another time wash the back of head and neck with SOAP (see) and

water, then with vinegar, and finally rub with hot olive oil. Keep the

parts warm with good flannel always.

If the whole side be affected, foment strongly the whole spine, and

treat it in a similar way to the back of the head, as prescribed above.

We have known cases of comparatively speedy cure by this simple means.

The heat simply vitalises the partially dead nerves. For paralysis of

the lower limbs, the treatment is applied to the lower part of the

spine principally, but also to the whole spinal system. There is no

fear of injuring the patient in this treatment, and we know of many

cases of most delightful cure secured by it. What is called the

ARMCHAIR FOMENTATION (see) is an excellent method of dealing with

paralysis of the lower limbs or any part of them, and may be resorted

to if the above treatment fails. Care must be taken in any case to

avoid a chill after fomenting, which might make matters worse than at