Prostration Nervous

Sources: Papers On Health

The various articles under Nerves and

Nervousness should be read. Here we give simply the treatment for

failure in the digestion and bowel action. This arises from failure in

the great nerve centres near the middle of the body. External treatment

may be given as follows:--Dip a cotton cloth, four-ply thick, and large

enough to cover the stomach and bowels, into cayenne Lotion (see),

and lightly wring it. Lay this gently over the stomach and bowels. Over

this an india-rubber bag of hot water is laid. Take care that the heat

is not too great or the mixture too strong. All must be just hot

enough to be comfortable. This application may remain on for two hours,

and then be repeated. The cayenne is greatly to be preferred to mustard

for many reasons. Give the most easily assimilated food possible. A

teaspoonful of gruel each half-hour, increased to a dessertspoonful, if

the digestion will bear it, and preceded in all cases by a

tablespoonful of hot water. This should be continued for twenty-four

hours. Proceed very cautiously then to increase the nourishment, on the

lines of Assimilation, Diet, Digestion, etc., giving oatmeal jelly,

wheaten porridge, Saltcoats biscuits, and such diet, gradually

bringing the patient back to ordinary food.