Sources: Papers On Health

The abdomen is formed of a series of rings containing the

bowels, and holding them in proper position. If the muscles and tissues

holding these rings yield so as to permit them to separate a little,

what is called "rupture" takes place. It may be caused by violent

muscular efforts, heavy weight lifting, jumping from a height, etc.,

etc. The rings are not broken, but only displaced, and especially with

young persons, the "rupture" can soon be brought all right, but even

with the aged, in all cases it may be mitigated, if not cured, by

proper treatment.

The first thing is to replace any part of the bowels which may have

escaped through the opening of the rings. Lay the patient flat on his

back. He must not be treated in any other attitude. Then rub the

swelling gently downwards. It must not be rubbed upwards, or it

will be made worse. This rubbing will soon bring the bowel into its

proper place. Give some time and kindly care to this treatment, which

is very important. Then get a surgical instrument maker to fit a proper

truss. See that this really fits. If it hurts in any way when first put

on, it does not fit well enough. Avoid for a considerable time any

effort likely to strain the part. Take light and easily digested food;

give up all alcoholic drinks and the use of tobacco.