Sources: Papers On Health

This is often a trivial matter, but sometimes it is a

symptom of a serious chill. It may be only the effect of a thought, or

of some mental shock, but in any case it is a nervous disturbance, and

failure of energy, causing us to lose control of the nerves which

produce the shivering movements.

For ordinary shivering, the result of cold, treat as in Cold, Taking.

For cases where the vital action has evidently become very low, foment

the patient as directed in Angina Pectoris.

If pain in some part, as in a nursing breast or tender lung, indicates

inflammatory action there, cold towels may be applied to that part

while this fomentation is on. Renew the cold cloth as often as the

patient feels it agreeable, keeping up the heat of the fomentation all

the time. Increase the size of the cold cloth if the patient finds this

pleasant; stop if it becomes unpleasant. Many serious troubles are

checked in the first stage by treatment on these simple lines.