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Skin Creeping

Source: Papers On Health

A sensation sometimes very much annoys patients, which
they describe as like thousands of small creatures creeping over the
skin. It most commonly arises from defective working of the pores. A
kindred trouble may be noticed along with this creeping. It is as if a
stream of cold water were passing down the back. That causes great
discomfort in many cases.

The cure is sponging frequently with weak ACETIC ACID (see) or even
good buttermilk. The skin being in such cases very sensitive, it is
well to treat it bit by bit, a small part at a time. Take one limb,
then another, then part of the back, and then another part. Besides
this sponging with acid, and before it is done, the skin should be
gently covered with lather (see Lather; Soap). If this treatment is
not successful, a little olive oil, with cayenne lotion, may be mixed
with the soapy lather, and will make its effect more powerful. This
creepy feeling is sometimes the result of cold, and some extra clothing
may remove it. See Underwear.

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