Skin A Wintry

Sources: Papers On Health

Something like an epidemic of skin trouble is often

experienced in cold, wintry weather. First, the skin becomes dry and

hard. A moist and sticky exudation replaces the ordinary sweat, and

great irritation is felt when the skin is exposed to the air. If the

sticky exudation be completely rubbed off, this irritation ceases. In

this, and in the absence of inflammation, "wintry skin" differs

entirely from eczema. The remedy is to rub all over every night for

three or four nights with the CAYENNE LOTION (see). If this does not

effectually cure, lather all over with soap and olive oil (see

Lather; Soap), before rubbing with the cayenne lotion. If the treatment

of the whole skin at once is felt to be too severe, it may be cured by

taking it in parts.