Sources: Papers On Health

The only sure sign of the presence of this parasite in the

intestine is the passing from the bowels of some of its joints or ova.

Its presence in the body is a serious matter, always giving rise to

more or less inconvenience and disturbance to health. We mention it

here because we know of a very good and harmless remedy which will

completely expel the worm. This may be obtained from D. Napier & Sons,

herbalists, 17, Bristo Place, Edinburgh, postage paid, for 2s. One dose

will be sufficient.

We dislike secret preparations, yet when we come across a remedy

which never fails, we confess to putting aside our dislikes and getting


The best thing is, however, to prevent the worm obtaining access to the

body. All food, especially beef and pork, should be thoroughly cooked,

and all cooking processes, and all places where meat is kept should be

thoroughly clean. Where this is the case, tapeworm will never occur.