Stomach Trouble

Sources: Papers On Health

If you would cure thoroughly, you must first make

sure that the skin is doing its part well. Very often indigestion

arises from irritation of the stomach, caused by the impurities in the

blood which arise from defective skin action.

With strong people, exercise causing perspiration will often suffice to

cure, in other cases where exercise cannot be had the Soapy Blanket

(see) is effective. After the blanket, give a warm, gentle rubbing

with hot vinegar or diluted acetic acid; and, finally, a similar

rubbing with warm olive oil. This rubbing may be given by itself, where

the patient is too weak to endure the blanket, or where the lather

cannot be well applied. Even the rubbing with oil alone will do much to


The problem in this case is to remove from the blood the irritating

waste which is inflaming the stomach, and this is better done by

cleansing and stimulating the skin than by means of drastic drugs. A

lazy man will swallow a peck of pills rather than go through an ordeal

of cleansing like this, but in that case he need not be surprised if

his poor stomach become only poorer still, while his purse will not get

any heavier. Besides this cleansing, take sips of hot water as

recommended under Indigestion. A very plain and sparing diet should be

taken, and great attention given to chewing all food till reduced to a

liquid. For it must be remembered that the majority of stomach troubles

have their origin in abuse of this organ, through overloading with

food, or other dietetic errors. See Diet; Assimilation; Biscuits and

Water; Constipation; Cramp in Stomach; Diarrhoea; Digestion;

Flatulence; Indigestion; Weariness.