Towels Cold Wet

Sources: Papers On Health

A towel of the ordinary kind, and full size, is

soaked in a basin of cold water and carefully wrung out until it is

merely damp. Prejudice against this treatment is often aroused by

putting on the cloths wet, and in a slack, blundering way, so as to

make the patient most uncomfortable. It is then folded and applied to

the skin, as directed. While applying the first, a second towel may be

in the water. It is then wrung out and applied, while the first is

placed to soak afresh. In prolonged cooling, care must be taken that

the water in the basin does not get too warm. It should be frequently

changed. The nurse should gently press the towels on the part,

frequently changing the position of her hands. They should not merely

be laid on, but gently pressed, unless this causes pain. The towels

will need to be changed when hot, and will take from two to five

minutes to lose their cooling effect, according to circumstances. Where

cold increases the patient's distress, it is almost always safe to

substitute heat. See Cooling in Heating; Fomentation.