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Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. Flaxseed (unground) 3 teaspoonfuls
Extract of Licorice 30 grains
Boiling water 10 ounces

"Allow the mixture to stand one to four hours in a warm place. Then add a
little lemon juice and sugar and place one to two teaspoonfuls of gum
arabic in the pitcher containing the mixture." A little paregoric (ten
drops to the dose for adults) can be taken with it if the cough is very
bad. Dose. Drink freely every two to three hours.

2. A good combination is the following:

Chloride of Ammonia 2 drams
Fluid Extract of Licorice 2 drams
Distilled water 20 ounces

Mix. Teaspoonful every two hours or longer.

3. Ammonium Carbonate 1/2 dram
Syrup Senega 4 drams
Wine of Ipecac 3 drams
Syrup Totu 1 ounce
Spirits of Chloroform 3 drams
Syrup of Wild Cherry enough to make 4 ounces

Mix. Take one to two teaspoonfuls every hour or two until better.

4. Ammonia Chloride 2 drams
Hive Syrup 5 drams
Paregoric 6 drams
Syrup of Wild Cherry 4 ounces

Mix. Teaspoonful every three hours until cough is better.

5. Many other combinations could be given. Hoarhound tea. Sugar enough to
sweeten makes a good cough remedy.

6. Onion syrup is good for children. The bowels should always be kept

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