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Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

If there is any womb trouble, it must
be attended to. There is frequently trouble with the menses in cases of
hysteria. It sometimes comes from anemia or simply comes without any
special reason. Tonics like arsenic, iron, strychnine and cod-liver oil
are needed for anemia. Iron valerate is good, in one grain doses, three
times a day, in this disease, when the patient is not fleshy.

1. The following is recommended by Dr. Goodell:

Of each one scruple (20 grains).
Quinine Valerate
Iron Valerate
Ammonia Valerate

Make into twenty pills. Take one or two pills three times a day.

(This is a good tonic in such cases.)

2. Fowler's Solution of Arsenic in three to five drops doses is frequently
used (three times a day) and is a good lasting tonic in cases where the
patient has a very pale white looking skin.

3. Asafoetida in three to five-grain pills is a splendid tonic in such
cases, and in that form is pleasant to take. Take three during the day,
before meals.

4. Sumbul or musk root is a good remedy. Tincture in one-half dram doses
three times a day. This is good when the patient is very nervous.

5. The following is good when anemia is prominent:

Dried Sulphate of Iron 20 grains
Alcoholic extract of Sumbul 20 grains
Asafoetida 10 grains
Arsenious acid 1/2 grain

Mix thoroughly and make twenty pills, one after each meal.

6. Tincture of hops in doses of one-half to two teaspoonfuls is good for
nervousness and sleeplessness, taken at bedtime. It can also be taken
regularly four times a day in from one-half to one teaspoonful doses.

7. General Cautions. Proper, easily digested foods must be taken. Keep
the bowels open daily. Let trash and dainties alone. Pies, cakes, and rich
foods are an abomination for such patients. Candy is not to be eaten. Let
novels alone. Go to bed at nine and sleep until six or seven. Bathe five
or ten minutes every morning or evening in tepid water or cool water. The
patient should be warmly clothed. Sleep in a pleasant, sunshiny and airy
room. In severe forms of the disease the "Rest Cure" and feeding described
under Nervous Prostration should be used.

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