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Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. The following gives relief from
the distressing symptoms. (But first the nose should be examined, for
often there is local trouble there.). Then give suprarenal extract
tablets, each five grains. Take one every four or five hours.

2. Pill Blennostasin. Each pill contains five grains. Take one every four

3. The following solution gives temporary relief:--

Dionin 10 grains
Adrenalin (1 to 1000) 5 drams
Water 2 ounces

Mix solution and spray into the nose every two hours.

4. After using the above spray which will shrink the mucous membrane apply
the following oil spray:--

Thymol 5 grains
Menthol 5 grains
Camphor 5 grains
Liquid Alboline 1 ounce

Mix and make a solution and spray into the nose three or four times a day.

5. In some cases a drying powder does well, such as compound stearate of
zinc and alum one dram; puff it into the nose with a powder-blower every

6. Dr. Ball of London, England, gives the following. A spray of a four
per cent of cocaine, or direct application of cotton-wool soaked in a
stronger solution will be found to afford immediate relief. But the after
effect is likely to be bad. Hence menthol is a better application.

7. Another from Dr. Ball. A one to five per cent solution of menthol in
liquid paraffin may be painted or sprayed on the mucous membrane, or a
little cotton-wool soaked in an oily solution may be inserted in the
nostrils. We must confess our weakness as physicians, when we treat this
disease. There are local measures, such as give relief for the time being,
but they must be carefully used. Diseases of the nose, tumors or "spurs"
frequently cause in the first place; bad tonsils, and adenoids are likely
to aggravate the trouble. A change of climate is the only real help. Tone
the general health. If the patient is very nervous fifteen grains of
bromide of sodium three or four time a day gives relief. People subjected
to hay fever should be treated between the attacks to make them strong and
to remove any local nose trouble and just before the time of year arrives
for the attack it is well to take five grains three times a day of the
suprarenal tablets or blennostasin the same way, and also spray the nose
twice daily with a mild adrenalin solution as the following:-
Adrenalin (1 to 1000) 1 dram
Water 2 ounces
Change of climate is frequently quite beneficial. Some are relieved in the
dry mountain air, while others are more benefited by the seashore or an
ocean trip.

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