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Internal Relaxation

Source: Papers On Health

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides
which will yield to no medicine such as usually relieves. This most
probably arises from relaxation and swelling of some internal part of
the body, so that there is more or less constant pressure on some
nerves. It will be worse after fatigue or long standing, or any mental
worry and excitement. This shows us that one thing necessary to cure is
rest: entire rest if possible, if not, as much as can be taken. It is
well to find out the easiest posture in which to lie, and spend as
much time as possible in that posture. Seek, also, by applying cold
cloths to the painful parts, to reduce the swollen tissue. There may
also be required fomenting of the feet and legs (see Angina Pectoris)
to prevent chill during this cooling. Often pain in the urinary organs
is due to nothing but this relaxation, and yields to such treatment.
Rest, however, is a primary necessity in all such cases.

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