Legs Pricking Pains In

Sources: Papers On Health

Sometimes curious pricking pains are felt in

the legs, becoming so severe as even to confine a patient to bed.

Nothing can be seen on the skin, and no swelling or other visible sign

of trouble is present. Evidently this requires treatment more

particularly of the nerves, which go to maintain a proper balanced

state of feeling in the skin where the pricking is felt. The patient

must give up using alcohol in any form, and should rest in bed. In

treatment we do not look to the skin itself, but rather to the nerves,

to effect a cure. There is a failure at the nerve roots, and indeed the

patient will usually be weak and nervous generally. A popular remedy in

such a case might be arsenic, which must be avoided, as likely greatly

to injure instead of help. The cure is in increased nutrition of the

nerve substances, by rest and light dietary. See Biscuits and Water,